Olive Gold 03


The Center For Natural Healing is a distributor of Olive Gold 03 - The ultimate Multipurpose 03/02 Super Lotion

Olive Gold 03 is the result of research, refinement, and development accumulated over 125 years. This amazing formula creates the finest uplifting Super Oxygen life power ever!

We now live in a polluted environment that is oxygen depleted. Oxygen is a huge player in our health status. For optimum health we want our body’s terrain to be aerobic (oxygenated) as opposed to anaerobic. The solution to the problem lies in supplementing active forms of oxygen and minerals. Oxygen stores the sun’s energy so that all life can feed off of it. Ozone (03) breaks down to oxygen and 02 is one of the most important elements known to humans. Ozone in Hebrew is translated to mean "The Breath of God."

Olive Gold 03 provides an oxygen boost to the bloodstream via topical application. It is an organic olive oil based lotion with stabilized ozone that contains vitamins A, multi B's, C, D and E, also 72 minerals, alpha lipoic acid, exotic botanical essence, and fragrance. Olive Gold 03 is a novel approach to increase the oxygen level of our blood and providing antioxidants (ozone is a free radical scavenger). The inventor of this product claims it may help with:

  • Greater brain function, attentiveness, and clarity;

  • Providing more energy to the muscles and creating a greater performance with less pain;

  • Enhancing metabolism, allowing better digestion and detoxification;

  • Greater assimilation of nutrition;

  • The ability to neutralize pathogens, bacteria, viruses, and fungus;

  • Providing a healthier, young looking skin that is smooth as silk.


Olive Gold 03 is much more than a beauty product. This product is helping people with a variety of health problems. When you consider that oxygen is the most important element to life, and that ozone is a concentrated, active form of oxygen, you can open your mind to the therapeutic possibilities of Olive Gold 03.

Olive Gold 03 is also available unscented, and many are taking it internally as well as externally with surprising results.

Besides the lightly scented formula, Olive Gold now also comes in Lavender, Rose and the newest scent: Cocoa/Ginger (which is excellent for taking in liquids or rubbing on your gums…it has been proven to help treat and prevent gum disease)

All pathogens, including cancer, cannot survive in an oxygenated environment. This remarkable product places in our hands a simple, convenient and powerful tool for wellness.

Caring for your skin as it helps to relieve pain and more! Great for all skin types. Never clogs pores. Not oily, greasy or sticky. No known side effects. Feel your skin become smooth as silk.



Moisturizing, Enriching, Energizing, Detoxifying, Healing, Protecting, Nourishing Lotion, Ever Known!

Men/Women & Pets have enjoyed the Super Oxygen & Hydration, as it Penetrates Deep. Delivering a Healthy amount of Super Oxygen to Starved Cells, FAST! Allowing Cells to Breath, as it absorbs completely.


4 oz: $48.00
2 oz: $26.00
.275oz: $7.00 

( The new scents are a little more!)
add 5.00 for shipping/handling


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