ZYTO technology relies upon an array of bio-communication principles and concepts that provide users with deeper insight and information when making decisions related to health and wellness.

Every cell in your body is networked together, sending and receiving information to coordinate the millions of functions your body processes every day. As your body adjusts to changing conditions to stay healthy, it uses these communication pathways to direct available resources to maintain balance. Your body is so effective that most of the time you never know these adjustments are happening.

When your body encounters a larger health challenge, you may begin to show symptoms. Symptoms are the outward expression of your body’s best efforts to deal with these challenges. Common symptoms may include elevated body temperature, swelling, pain, tiredness, or a cough. Once you recognize a symptom you can begin to assist the healing process.

Things like getting more sleep, drinking more water, taking nutritional supplements, or medication under a medical professional’s supervision, can help your body deal with these challenges.

Too often we ignore our health until we get so sick that symptoms appear. Wouldn’t you rather support your body’s day-to-day efforts to stay healthy? But how can you learn what your body needs to stay healthy?

Wouldn’t it be nice if you could just ask?

At the completion of a scan, the software’s analysis is documented in the form of a report.  Information gathered in this way can help you make better decisions for your health.


Save Money


According to the National Institutes of Health, Americans spent $36.7 billion on dietary supplements in 2014. Heavy supplements users spend hundreds of dollars on these products each year. When deciding which supplements to buy, a person will typically just take a supplement and see if it works. Unfortunately, more often than not they will find that the product doesn’t work for them. So, by using this trial-and-error method, you are likely to waste your hard-earned money on ineffective supplements.


With a ZYTO scan, however, you know right off which products your body shows a biological coherence for. And since your body changes over time, getting scanned every month will assist you in making adjustments to your plan to ensure that you are taking the most coherent supplements as time goes on. Additionally, you can be assured that all products in the ZYTO scanning libraries are produced by high-quality companies.

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